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Corporate Events

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FLYAJET can offer you the ideal venue for your next Corporate Event.

Corporate entertaining at FLYAJET is fun, exciting, and easy and provides an atmosphere of intimacy with our JET AIRLINER simulator and your guests as the focal point. Everyone gets a chance to fly while others can watch from within the cockpit in the jump-seats or outside in our intimate first class lounge, watching large TV monitors and a live feed from the flight deck. This environment of common interest encourages easy discussion and networking for your guests.

Our Corporate Challenge is designed to encourage light-hearted fun and rewards are offered to guests for a variety of outcomes throughout the event. We can cater for small groups of two or three guests up to larger parties of around twenty to sixty people. With a degree of apprehension about who will put in the best flight performance or landing an element of competition soon arises.

Real world commercial pilots are on hand to provide instruction and informative tips about aviation and the handling of a big jet aircraft.

Themed product launches, training evenings, rewards for staff and clients, Team Building or simply an afternoon of relaxing fun for the office personnel are all possible at FLYAJET. Events can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

FLYAJET is fully licenced with a great range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages at very reasonable prices. FLYAJET follows responsible host policies.  Many levels of catering and refreshments are available.  You can view an example of our menu items here.  Prices for Corporate Entertainment start from only $300 (plus GST) for up to five guests.

Enquire about hosting an event

Contact us today and speak to our Events Manager to find out more about what’s included and ideas for making your next client event the hottest ticket in town!

Choose from the following options:

  • 2 hour package and unlimited use of lounge- $600 plus GST
  • 3 hour package and unlimited use of lounge – $900  plus GST
  • 4 hour package and unlimited use of lounge- $1200  plus GST

We can also tailor an event to suit your needs. Contact us for more details for bigger or smaller events, and let us know if you have any special requests. Catering can also be provided.

Catering Menu

FLYAJET offers a range of catering options for your Corporate Events.

FLYAJET Corporate Function Event Catering

FLYAJET Corporate Function Event Catering

Team Building

FLYAJET Team Building days evoke a multitude of skills including leaderships, innovation, communication, deadlines, group dynamics and visioning – all of which are realities of working life. These can now be developed within a bespoke environment at FLYAJET.

Our suite of performance challenges include:

Pilot Down – Both pilots are incapacitated and then the aircraft needs to be landed safely at the nearest airport. Communicating with air traffic control is the only guidance you will have.

Circuits – With the assistance of a personal instructor, each employee will complete a circuit at an airport.

Corporate Challenge – Whilst flying a circuit with your instructor, you will be rated for your skills in the air. Your score and position on the leaderboard will be adjusted throughout the day.

Air Accident Investigation – Establish what went wrong in a real world air accident. Analysis, questioning and communication all come to the fore in the investigation.

Team Incentives and Rewards

Do you need to motivate your team with effective incentives, or reward your staff for the work they have done?

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, happy and motivated staff are essential. We have a wide range of gift vouchers or we can customise a small group sessions for the year’s big performers. Contact us with your requirements, and we would be happy to work with you in rewarding your staff.

Christmas Events

Make your Christmas Event really take off!   Bring your team to FLYAJET and we will have them thinking all their Christmases have come at once.

Our dedicated event co-ordinator will work with you to bring to life your perfect event. Additional features can be requested from catering, decorations, transfers and musical entertainment.

Birthday Parties

Our surprise birthday party events are hugely successful and memorable. While the guest of honour enjoys a 60 minute flight, our store is quickly turned into the venue for your event, your party guests arrive, and upon completing their flight and leaving the simulator, they are met with a store full of friends and family. The simulator can then be utilised to give a select few of the guests a flight in the simulator.